“Wine should make you feel better, alive. Like drinking life.”

–Lawrence D.Fairchild
Proprietor of Stones Wine, Perrarus and Fairchild Napa Valley

Lawrence Fairchild is anything but a common man. A stand-out. Unexpected. Inspired by the greatest wines in the world along with the design, branding and quality of luxury goods, Lawrence Fairchild combines extreme, never-before-seen detail and modern-art influences to create the most-collectable wine bottles in the world: Stones Wine and Perrarus. Each creation of Stones fuses Fairchild’s passion for the abstract with highly rated wines to produce rare vessels that transcend the vintage inside; the “Hermés of wine.”

Rocking vintage Valentino and David Yurman while he takes his clients to the most coveted wine plots in Napa, Lawrence references inspiration from fashion houses and world-renown artists for the brand’s direction. In his Napa Valley home, you will find the likes of Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Dior hanging in his closet while his personal collection of covetable art pieces lines the walls.

Lawrence Fairchild’s journey leading to the production of exclusive wines has been interesting to say the least. He was raised on a cattle and crop farm in rural Nebraska, studied Economics and Political Science at the University of Nebraska, followed by a career on Capitol Hill in Washington DC during the Reagan administration. He nurtured his longing for culture, art, and design as a young man on the West Lawn—sipping phenomenal wines among leaders of the free world to a live soundtrack by the National Symphony.

His passion for wine began with studying the wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux and eventually found himself in San Francisco, a Midwestern, agriculturalist-turned-politico-turned-culturally attuned anomaly. He began producing Cabernet Sauvignon in 2005, seeking out small sections of rows in exclusive and rare vineyards in the Napa Valley, and now holds some of the most exclusive vineyards in the world.

Lawrence credits inspiration to his eye for modern art and design -he names KAWS, Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Wosene, Cédric Bouteiller among the artists he admires. Lawrence now comes full circle, with a dedication to produce an ever-evolving portfolio of meticulously-crafted, design-forward wines, all of which are award-winning and highly-allocated. Lawrence prides himself on the highly personal relationship he crafts with each Stones Wine and Perrarus client. Outside of the exquisite nature of each bottle, member’s relationship with Lawrence is often the differentiating factor that draws the great appeal.

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